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There is an eclectic cluster of sub-neighborhoods and architectural styles just north of East Nashville that offers everything from 1930s stone Tudors, ranches, log cabins, Victorian mansions, to bungalows. Inglewood/Riverwood was established as a great place to “summer” by the folks who had established their estates in Belle Meade. They built their vacation homes on the banks of the Cumberland River, which gave them incredible, majestic views of the river and everything on the other side. Today you would see Shelby Park and Opryland Hotel across the Cumberland.

Many feel they have received the “the steal of the century,” living on Riverwood that contains properties from the 1920s and 30s. The beautiful Riverwood Mansion, which was built by James Porter in 1799, is nestled in the neighborhood and provides a great location for parties and weddings.

In nearby Brush Hill where it is slightly more upscale, there are over sized lots and big backyards with enough room to raise and grow a large family. This established area is known for its majestic trees and well manicured lawns. The one thing most people forget about the Inglewood area is that you can be almost anywhere in and around Nashville in less than fifteen minutes. So if you are looking for a centralized place to live, this may be the place for you.


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